PASSION PLACE has costumes all year long…

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Did you know… role playing increases the fun in the bedroom…

Choose a character that has always enticed or motivated you, something that gives you a boost of sexual adrenalin, and let your partner choose one that suits them. But remember, the characters that both of you choose should be able to blend with each other. A few of the all time favorite role playing sex characters that are preferred over the others all across the world include these.

  • Teacher – Student
  • Slave – Master
  • Plumber- Housewife
  • Photographer – Model
  • Escort – Client
  • Doctor – Nurse
  • Stripper – Client
  • Fireman – Trapped person

These are just a few of the different characters that you could opt to play, and if you have the perfect costumes to go with it, you could guarantee yourself a totally wild night of role playing sex.